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    What Proteon Customers are Saying...
  • PMI Central Arkansas Chapter

    "We were very pleased with the job that Proteon did helping us create our new website.  The process was quick and painless. Mary pulled most of our content from our old site and then we rearranged and edited it as needed. This method produced great results quickly.  We love the new site and look forward to continuing to enhance it."

Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Proteon

Proteon is a co-operative of PMI Chapters dedicated to supporting all the technology needs of the member chapters and not just the website.  We currently parter with over 110 Chapters and we are speaking with another 40 chapters.  The growth has been amazing.  It is all due to the unique partnership we have with our member chapters and the value we provide.

Here are the top ten reasons to partner with Proteon and the family of PMI Chapters:

  1. Only Proteon can migrate your platform within a matter of days if necessary.
  2. Proteon will do all the work and will ensure a world class PMI Standards based website for your membership.  All we need is your review of the site and approval of our work.  Proteon will also offer unlimited live instructor-led training and support, before and after the go-live, to ensure a smooth transition.  The unlimited live support after go-live will last as long as you need without question.
  3. Proteon partners with over 110 chapters worldwide and is by far the overwhelming choice of PMI Chapters with over 90% of all PMI approved websites.
  4. Proteon is the only vendor that meets every PMI standard and optional feature for the Chapter Web Services Program.  Proteon is the only vendor with weekly user group meetings that leverage best practices from the other chapters so you don't have to re-invent anything.  You can just re-use best practices from the other chapters.
  5. Proteon is the only vendor that will guarantee your site will grow with your chapter because only Proteon gives you legal ownership of the source code.  With Proteon not only will you get your own independent production site, but you will also get your own development site to test and improve.
  6. Only Proteon is owned and operated by PMP’s for PMI Chapters.   We just don’t see how anyone other than PMP’s can do a better job.  Our continued dominance and rapid growth has proven this model
  7. Proteon is a membership based co-operative like PMI and that optimally aligns us as the right partner to deliver the top-notch services that your membership deserves.
  8. Proteon is the only vendor that will give you a 100% money back guarantee.
  9. Proteon will develop your new website with a secret URL that only you know about.  The website will go live only when you approve it and if, for any reason, you decide not to go-live then Proteon will immediately refund 100% of the monies without question and you can continue without any disruption.
  10. Proteon has additional critical features that are exclusive to only Proteon:
    • Proteon is the only vendor that has completely automated branch management.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that uses Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to ensure that your site displays correctly all the time on the end user's computer.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that will provide a personal webmaster for your site that will run your site for you in times of webmaster transition.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that offers the Zimbra board member collaboration tool with unlimited space and accounts.

As you can see our partnership is not like a typical vendor relationship.  You can consider us as your dedicated IT staff and service partner.  100%  of our member chapters are references and we will customize a unique financial and technical solution to your chapter.

Contact us to schedule a demo and let us show you the difference.

New Zimbra eMail Upgrade!

Proteon Announces the new Zimbra 8.0 Upgrade

The current Zimbra 6.0 email platform will be at end of life on 10/31/2014.  It has served us well with a total realiability of over 99.99%  However things age and need to be replaced.  As a result we will need to migrate all chapter accounts to the new Zimbra 8.0 platform.

How does this affect you?

The new Zimbra 8.0 platform is the current state of the art.  However, since it is only an upgrade everything should work the same.  Here are some talking points to share with your team: This is a Zimbra 6.0 to Zimbra 8.0 upgrade so very little will change except the newer look and feel.  The major upgrade is stability and usability.

  1. All of your email messages will migrate.
  2. All of your briefcase document will migrate.
  3. All of your folders will migrate.
  4. All of your calendar entries will migrate.
  5. All of the messages in you ‘sent’ folder will migrate.
  6. Your password will migrate
  7. All of your mobile phone connections will still work
  8. All of your tablet connections will still work
  9. All of your email application connections will still work.
  10. There will be no downtime or bounced messages however it might take over 24 hours for all the old messages to migrate.

In short everything will migrate except:

What you need to do.

Please discuss with your team on an acceptible date for the migration and then fill out a helpdesk ticket @ to initiate the process.

On 10/1/2014 we will start proactively submitting tickets on behalf of the chapters that have not yet submitted their tickets.

We already have upgraded almost 40% of all the chapters proactively and the process is smooth and predictable.  Many thanks go out to the initial chapters like PMI Central Ohio and PMI Central Florida for helping us work this process out.

Did You Know?


Did you know that Proteon has free live training every Thursday night at 9:00 PM, EST?

While the Proteon Team stands behind our partners and are happy to help in any manner possible,  it is also important that our partners have access to training and self-help.   In that regard, our website has many useful articles, tips, videos and help at  Proteon Software.

One of our most helpful features is our open live training held every Thursday night.  One of the most exciting sessions is our "Stump the Trainer" Open CMS Training.  This is your chance to bring any questions, problems or issues to our trainer David Horton for help. 

Registering for our live training sessions is very easy.  Simply go to Proteon Software, choose the class or classes you would like to attend from the list on the right side of the website and register!! It is also a great opportunity for sharing information between the different PMI Chapters. 

We look forward to seeing you soon and as always are here for you!

Time for a Chapter Website Upgrade?


Like cell phone technology which becomes outdated and unsupportable, website technology does as well.   If your chapter is still on the old 1.5  Platform, NOW is the time to upgrade to the newer 2.5 Platform and not the end of the year when it will become a necessity. 

The Proteon team has been working hard over the last year upgrading websites to the new 2.5 framework.  We have upgraded over 50 PMI chapters and have created a seamless and smooth project plan to make the process almost effortless for the Proteon Chapter Partners.

Since upgrading to the 2.5 platform involves creating a whole new framework it is a chapter's opportunity to give the website a fresh new look and also have a website that is user friendly on all devices, no matter the size.  There are exciting new templates from which to choose and endless possibilities to help increase membership and sponsorships. 

Along with creating a fresh new look, the 2.5 platform provide:

  • Migrating your core Joomla 1.5 content management system to Joomla 2.5
  • Upgrading your ProDEP Automated DEP download component to the 2.5 version
  • Adding the Chapter Web Services (Single Sign-On) capability recommended by PMI
  • Adding the capability to perform automated branch support for the chapter
  • Upgrading your Community Builder member management component to the 2.5 version
  • Upgrading your DT Register event management component to the 2.5 version
  • Upgrading your jNews email management component to the 2.5 version
  • Upgrading your DOCman document management component to the 2.5 version
  • Adding the AdminTools dedicated website security component for Joomla 2.5

 If you would like to further discuss an upgrade to the 2.5 platform, please submit a ticket at Help Desk at Proteon Sofware and someone from our team will contact you.

Single Sign On Update



Customer satisifaction continues to be the goal for the staff at Proteon Software.  In that regard, we have developed solutions to Single Sign On issues that some members are having due to browser, cookie and or corporate firewall issues. 

The most common problem a user may have in successfully signing into a chapter website is that their browser is not set to accept third party cookies.  Therefore, if you do have difficulties signing in, please verify that your browser is set to accept third party cookies.

As an additional exclusive service offered by Proteon Software, we are offering PMI Chapters an alternative "Log In Help Link" so those members that may be having difficulties can still log in to register for events and receive their member discounts. 

If your chapter has the Single Sign On log in on the left column of the website, the log in link would look like PMI Central Virginia or if your log in is at the top right an example is at PMI Tallahassee.

If you would like Proteon Software to install this log in help to your chapter, please submit a ticket to Help Desk at Proteon Sofware