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The Proteon 3.4 platform upgrade is now available!


For those Partner Chapters that have been asking about an upgrade from their Joomla 2.5 sites – the time has come!

Joomla 3.4 is the fifth standard-term support release of Joomla! 3 series. It contains some new exciting features and some significant change to existing features:

  • Manage your entire website from a Smartphone.
    In admin panel sidebar can be toggled and the entire back-end has been remodeled so you can manage the entire website from a Smartphone.  You can now make many Joomla 3 admin screens full-width by hiding the sidebar.  
  • All content can be edited from the front end with Front End Module Editing
    Editing modules is now faster and easier in Joomla 3.4. Front End Module editing allows you to edit modules directly on the page without using the admin dashboard. This new feature simplifies the administration of websites by making them incredibly easy to edit!
  • Corporate firewalls are no longer a problem with Enhanced No CAPTCHA
    With No Captcha your users can now attest they are human without having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead with just a single click they’ll confirm they are not a robot.  This can increase the number of members who register for events.
  • Enhanced Security in the core.
    The core code has been re-worked to provide enhanced security from code injection attacks.  In the 2.5 version Proteon needed to add special plugins to provide the security necessary.  With the new 3.4 version the plugins aren't necessary as it is now built into the core system.  While it isn't obvious to any of the users it does make management of the site easier.
  • Simplified and more Robust Media Manager
    The new and improved Media Manager also supports drag and drop functionality to make the overall experience much smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Enhanced version of SSO
    Some chapters have reported intermittent issues with the PMI Single Sign On service (SSO). Sometimes the SSO return call doesn't get transmitted correctly due to firewall or network issues.  This can cause issues with the chapter website not recognizing the member as valid.  A quick browser re-start usually fixes the issue.  The new SSO module is more robust and can recover from such glitches.

Summer is a great time to upgrade your website and have a fresh new look and experience when the Fall activities begin. Simply open a ticket though the Helpdesk requesting the "Joomla 3.4 upgrade" and we will be happy to get you started!

The Proteon Team 

Single Sign On (SSO) Upgrade.

As you are aware, there have been ongoing issues with the Single Sign On (SSO).  Members would log into the chapter website using SSO, but would get the message "logged into, not logged into Chapter".  This has been an issue for all of the world wide chapters that use the SSO.

Due to the frustration that this has caused the members and the Chapters, Proteon Software has been working diligently on behalf of our partner chapters to develop a solution to the current issues.  We have tested and confirmed a solution which allows for much greater usability for the members and the Chapters.

Within the coming weeks we will be installing the solution for all of our partner chapters.  Please note, since each chapter is a unique and separate website, we do have to install it on each website and then test, so it will take several weeks to have it installed on our over 120 sites.  

Since not all chapters are not equally effected by the SSO issues, if your chapter is, please submit a ticket at Help Desk for priority action.

The good news is that we will have it on our partner chapter sites just in time for the all of the big Fall events.

Updated Support Section

Proteon Banner baner

Great News - We are happy to announce our simplified and Updated Support Section .

In response to your feedback we have updated our support section where you can easily find answers to questions about the most common day-to-day operations like managing articles, Newsletters, DT Register, Events, and other common functions.

You can access Video Tutorials, PDF User Guidelines, FAQs and much more under the Support tab at Proteon Software.  This support section will provide you updated contents of following topics: 

  1. How to create and modify articles

  2. How to create and manage newsletters

  3. Information about DT Registers

  4. How to create and manage events

  5. How ProDEP works and its configuration

Our FAQ section provides answers to common questions and issues we have come across through tickets submitted by Chapters.  Before submitting a ticket, be sure to check our support section as it can be a great tool to find answers quickly.

In our continuing efforts to help our Partner Chapters manage their websites efficiently, we will  continue to add information and make improvements to our support section so check it often!



Proteon Software Team

Proteon Advisory April 2015

Logged into PMI

Proteon has received reports from some chapters that members are intermittantly experiencing an issue when trying to log on to the chapter when using Single Sign On.  Some members are reporting that they are receiving  the noted message:

 At this time there are three options:

  1. On most Proteo partner chapters, Proteon implemented an altermate log in method so if Single Sign On ever fails, the members  still have the ability to log in.  Proteon is the only vendor who has this alternate log in method.  The alternate log in method is found by clicking on the Login Help (next to or below the Login) or the Local Chapter Login (also known as Proteon Login) found at the bottom right side of the home page.  
  2. Some chapters have reported substantial issues with Signle Sign On and have elected to go back to using the local joomla login in which uses the email address on file with as username and their PMI ID number as the password.
  3. Continue using Single Sign On if no issues are being reported.

if your chapter would like to go back to using the Joomla Local Login, please submit a request at Proteon Helpdesk and our Support Department will disable the Single Sign On and enable the Joomla Local Login.  

If your chapter does not have the "Login Help" link and/or the "Proteon Login", submit a ticket to Proteon Helpdesk.

2/25/2015 Technical Update

Yesterday there was an incident affecting the nightly downloads for your chapter.  Proteon notified GOC and they fixed the issue the same day. Your nightly download is running normally again. For further incident details please contact your GOC Chapter staff partner.