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Nepal Earthquake

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As many of you are aware, our Support Team is headquartered in Nepal which was struck by a devestating earthquake over the weekend.  We have been touched by the many inquires to the safety of our team. We have been in contact with them and we are happy to announce that they, and their families, are safe and sound. This tragedy and the concern that our partners have shown to our team is a testiment to the true cooperative that we have created. As partners have reached out to us, we have let our team in Nepal know that they are being thought of and that the requests for ways to help have been overwhelming.   

It is during times of tragedy that the true goodness of human nature shines.  Arbind and his team, which include Sabina and Depu are eternally greateful to the support and well wishes they are receiving and have a message to all our partners.  

"Thank you everybody for your concerns and wishes about our well being in this really difficult time here in Nepal. Your concerns and wishes really provided us the strength to survive this hard time. I and the team here are all safe, and our operations is coming back to normal now.

---Arbind and Team Nepal for Proteon"

 Since many of you have inquired in the best ways to help, Proteon will be providing additional information on how to best help this devastated region. Pleaes follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional information. 


Nepal Earthquake Update 5/12/2015

Just over two weeks after thousands died in a devastating earthquake, Nepal got hit hard again Tuesday -- with another powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake that has left dozens more dead, more than 1,000 injured and questions about what's next for the already traumatizednation.

The people of Nepal are very strong and doing their best to restore their lives to some normalcy once again. We are very thankful that our support team is safe and sound. We highly appreciate their efforts in handling the situation on ground plus maintaining their work life in best possible ways.  

We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.  

Once again, lot of prayers and best wishes for people of Nepal from Proteon family of  PMI Chapters around the world.

Proteon Team

Proteon Advisory April 2015

Logged into PMI

Proteon has received reports from some chapters that members are intermittantly experiencing an issue when trying to log on to the chapter when using Single Sign On.  Some members are reporting that they are receiving  the noted message:

 At this time there are three options:

  1. On most Proteo partner chapters, Proteon implemented an altermate log in method so if Single Sign On ever fails, the members  still have the ability to log in.  Proteon is the only vendor who has this alternate log in method.  The alternate log in method is found by clicking on the Login Help (next to or below the Login) or the Local Chapter Login (also known as Proteon Login) found at the bottom right side of the home page.  
  2. Some chapters have reported substantial issues with Signle Sign On and have elected to go back to using the local joomla login in which uses the email address on file with as username and their PMI ID number as the password.
  3. Continue using Single Sign On if no issues are being reported.

if your chapter would like to go back to using the Joomla Local Login, please submit a request at Proteon Helpdesk and our Support Department will disable the Single Sign On and enable the Joomla Local Login.  

If your chapter does not have the "Login Help" link and/or the "Proteon Login", submit a ticket to Proteon Helpdesk.

2/25/2015 Technical Update

Yesterday there was an incident affecting the nightly downloads for your chapter.  Proteon notified GOC and they fixed the issue the same day. Your nightly download is running normally again. For further incident details please contact your GOC Chapter staff partner.

Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Proteon

Proteon is a co-operative of PMI Chapters dedicated to supporting all the technology needs of the member chapters and not just the website.  We currently partner with over 125 Chapters and we are speaking with another 40 chapters. The growth has been amazing.  It is all due to the unique partnership we have with our member chapters and the value we provide.

Here are the top ten reasons to partner with Proteon and the family of PMI Chapters:

  1. We Do The Work Fast: Proteon will do all the work and will ensure a world class PMI Standards based website for your membership.  All we need is your review of the new site and approval of our work.
  2. Proteon Is The Standard: Proteon partners with over 125 chapters worldwide and is by far the overwhelming choice of PMI Chapters with over 96% rating according to the latest PMI poll.
  3. Comprehensive Solution: Proteon is the only vendor that meets every PMI standard and optional feature for the Chapter Web Services Program.  Proteon is the only vendor with weekly user group meetings that leverage best practices from the other chapters so you don't have to re-invent anything.  You can just re-use best practices from the other chapters.
  4. It’s Your Site: Proteon will guarantee your site will grow with your chapter because only Proteon gives you legal ownership of the source code.  With Proteon not only will you get your own independent production site, but you will also get your own development site to test and improve.
  5. We Are PMI Members Also: Proteon is owned and operated by PMP’s for PMI Chapters.   We just don’t see how anyone other than PMP’s can do a better job.
  6. We Make PMI Great Together: Proteon is a membership based co-operative like PMI and that optimally aligns us as the right partner to deliver the top notch services that your membership deserves.
  7. It’s The Right Thing To Do: A world class website is the single best tool to promote your chapter and enhance your membership’s careers.
  8. We Respect Secrecy: Proteon will develop your new website with a secret URL that only you know about. The website will go live only when you approve it. 
  9. We Are Unique: We do things no one else does.  Proteon has additional critical features that are exclusive to only Proteon: 
    • Automated branch management.
    • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to ensure that your site displays correctly all the time on the user's computer.
    • Personal webmaster for your site that will run your site for you in times of webmaster transition. 
    • Zimbra board member collaboration tool with unlimited space and accounts. 
    • Online storage of PDF Certificates of Completion.
    • MyChapter Smartphone app (later this year).
    • Many more to come this year!
  10. No Risk At ALL: There is no risk. Proteon is the only vendor that will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

As you can see our partnership is not like a typical vendor relationship. You can consider us as your dedicated IT staff and service partner. 100% of our member chapters are references and we will customize a unique financial and technical solution to your chapter.

Contact us to schedule a demo and let us show you the difference.

Apple calendar issue.

This issue is for clients that use the latest Apple OS X Yosemite update that came out a few weeks ago.  Apple made a change to their calendar program which can cause issues:

1) Timezone Handling.  An invite from a Zimbra user in a different timezone on any platform other than Outlook/Windows to a Mac Yosemite/Mavericks Zimbra CalDav user will be added with an incorrect time. The Yosemite/Mavericks notification center will display the correct time but it will be added to with the timezone information stripped. e.g. an invite for 7pm CEST will be added as 7pm Local. We have a case open on this one. (this was not a problem in Zimbra 8.0)

2) Create meeting does not forward to external invitees.  Add an appointment and add an external invitee - the invite is never sent (this worked in Mavericks)

3) Meeting modification does not forward to external invitees.  Modify an appointment and the update is never sent (this worked in Mavericks)

4) "Revert" a meeting deletes the meeting from the Calendar.  Previously when modifying a meeting the "Revert" option would undo any changes (this worked in Mavericks).

We realize that some of these problems are probably Yosemite issues only. We think that the the first problem (timezone handling) is logically the format of the ICS file so could be fixed by either Zimbra or by Apple. None of these problems have been seen when using BuyCal for Yosemite but our users who do not have BusyCal unfortunately see this as a Zimbra issue when the issue is the way Apple coded iCal.