Proteon Announces New Helpdesk System!

In response to feedback from chapter members about our customer support system, we are upgrading our service desk system.  The new system is current best in class.
As you can tell we’re pretty excited but here’s what it means for you:
  • Our knowledge base is now organized and searchable.  All of our training is now just a search bar away.
  • You can now create a ticket by simply sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • You can drag and drop images directly into the ticket editor.
  • You can view all your open tickets at once by going to, logging in, and clicking the big “Tickets” button.
  • You can request and be granted access to view all tickets for your chapter, not just ones you submitted.  Entire teams can view the same ticket list.
This new system is already live at  You can head there now to start using it.  All of your open tickets are already in the system.
We want to be the best partners for our chapters, so we’re giving our customer support this upgrade for you.  We’ve worked hard putting this together for you and this represents substantial growth in our capability so serve the cooperative.
The best part is that it’s a platform we can grow into, with a crazy amount of good features for you.  This is just the start of what this new platform can do, and you should keep an eye out for more great things in the future.

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