Project Management Institute

We are a cooperative of PMI chapters.

We are not another cold, distant vendor. Proteon was started by PMI members, for PMI members, and we are project managers at heart. We are a cooperative of chapters working together to get the most our of our respective chapters.

Your passion for what you do is apparent and I appreciate your knowledge of the PMI space.
PMI Willamette Valley Chapter

We all learn together.

"We're a cooperative" is not just sales copy. We hold regional meetings with every chapter to determine the future of Proteon and our partnership with the PMI, soliciting feedback and guidance for development frequently. We also create and discuss chapter management best practices, together.

You control your website, not us.

With a traditional vendor, your site belongs to them, and you are locked into their services with a contract. With Proteon, you own your source code and pay us month-by-month. This guarantees that you can change your site any way you want, and you can take it anywhere your organization wants to go.

We exceed all national privacy standards.

The project management institute has privacy and security standards for each chapter. Only Proteon meets and exceeds these security standards, with features like private hosted email and SSO integration.

We have decades of chapter experience.

Since you're partnering with the PMI cooperative, in addition to the Proteon team's decades of chapter experience, you have access to the experience and best practices of all our partner chapters.
"We were very pleased with the job that Proteon did helping us create our new website.  The process was quick and painless. Mary pulled most of our content from our old site and then we rearranged and edited it as needed. This method produced great results quickly.  We love the new site and look forward to continuing to enhance it."
PMI Central Arkansas Chapter